Friday, March 1, 2013

The 6th Lily Grace Challenge (Pay it Forward)

February 29th would be 6 months from when our sweet Lily Grace became an angel but that date does not exist.. I always hold the "Lily Grace Challenge" on the 29th of the month, the day of her Angelversary so I had to come up with a solution.. It will happen over 2 days this time- she will be gone for half of a year so this deserves a 2 day challenge! 

The Lily Grace Challenge will happen on Thursday, February 28th and Friday, March 1, 2013. This marks Lily's 6 month Angelversary.. the day that our sweet baby Lily Grace became an angel. Time just keeps slipping by without Lily... that's very hard.

In honor of Lily's monthly Angelversary, I ask everyone to do something nice for someone else- that is the challenge! Her angelversary is a very hard day for all of us and I am try to turn that day of sadness into more of a positive day (as much as possible).

So I challenge each and every one of you to participate in the Lily Grace Challenge. Please share this..tell your family and friends about it too. I challenge you to do at least one nice thing for someone else and this could be big or small. Just do anything that would help another person- plus you won't expect anything in return and if they want to repay you in any way just tell them that they can repay you by doing something nice for someone else in honor of Lily Grace.. and tell them her story if you want too...

Our Lillian "Lily" Grace was such a wonderful, sweet and perfect baby that left our world way too soon at just 18 days old. I held her as she took her last breath and the whole time she kept one eye looking at me and everyone else until she took her last breath.. hardest day of my life. To help make this time of the month more positive for myself and my family.. I ask you to help me honor Lily and all of her friends in heaven.. please do something nice on the 29th (or in this case the 28th and 1st day of the month)to remember not only Lily Grace but all of our loved ones gone too soon.

Thank you everyone! When you are done with her challenge please post "Done Lily"... that way Lily knows you are done. :) This Lily Grace Challenge will help to honor the memory of our precious Lily Grace on such a sad day for everyone touched by Lily Grace. Spread the word... Thanks everyone!

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