Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Never Forget Lily Grace

Posted on Lily's Facebook page "Never Forget Lily Grace" on Saturday, March 2nd: 
Lily's 6 month Angelversary: I made it.. I survived with a big headache and felt like I was hit by a semi truck at times but I survived (that is similar to how you feel after losing a child..the emotional and physical way you feel is absolutely horrible..) ❤❤

Please know that I read every comment on Lily's page.. it's just hard for me to respond to each one. I can't believe how many people responded or read my post about Lily's last 24 hours.. More than 22,000 people is what my Facebook page told me. Wow Lily.. a lot more people know about you now.. even if through that one story.

Thank you to everyone who did The Lily Grace Challenge too! Much appreciated.. time to start my day & get ready for my son Ethan's birthday party...the emotional highs and lows of being a grieving parent.. it can make you feel crazy sometimes

Lily's Prayer/ Thought Bear.... isn't this sweet??

Makayla stayed the night at her friends house last night (with best friends kids) and she came home with two new notes for Lily's bear (pouch in the back).. ❤❤❤ Kids are so sweet..

Makayla was so excited to share these notes with me... ❤❤

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