Friday, March 1, 2013

Pray for Heart Warrior Paisley please!

I shared this story on Lily's Facebook page (Never Forget Lily Grace) and her parents were okay with me sharing it there so I want to share it here:  this sweet baby needs prayers!! I have not talked to her parents but there life has to be so hectic right now.. please, please pray for this heart baby!! They had no idea that she had a heart problem until she was 4 months old (must have been right after this picture was taken) and now she needs a heart transplant to live... how scary!!! More testing needs to be done on babies.. more screening could save more babies or at least give them more of a fighting chance!!!
Here is part of their story from that link:

"When Rick and Charity Arnold were eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child last year, they had a whole cheering section of family and friends also waiting to meet little Paisley Mae.

While everyone commented on how perfect the tiny girl was, the Apple Valley twenty-something couple noticed their daughter seemed to have a persistent cough and wheeze.

"They took her to her pediatrician and were told it was nothing to worry about," said Darrell Feuerhahn, Rick Arnold's friend and a fellow San Bernardino County firefighter working out of Hesperia. "Being paramedics, we knew something wasn't right."

On Valentine's Day, during Paisley's four-month check-up, the young parents insisted the physician take notice of Paisley's symptoms.

That's when the parents learned something was wrong with their little girl, said Feuerhahn.

After being taken to Loma Linda University Children Hospital, the Arnolds learned Paisley had an enlarged heart.

"It was a hard thing for them," Feuerhahn said.

Paisley, the smiling 4-month-old, was born without a left coronary artery, which led to the enlarged heart, doctors told the family.

"This isn't something that can be fixed surgically," Feuerhahn said. "She needs a heart transplant."

Please visit her page and pray for this sweet baby and her family!!!

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